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“I just wanted to tell you again how much your training, guidance and mentorship over the past year as meant to me and my family.  It has been an AWESOME ride!!!  This year will be my most profitable year I have had since I started trading about 3 years ago and it is mostly due to your training and teaching about focus, patience and discipline.  Your teachings of “Next”, “So What” and “It is OK to be wrong” may have meant more to me than anything else!!  While I am nowhere near my long-term financial goals that I have set for myself, I feel the training I have received from you this past year has laid the foundation for me to achieve these goals and achieve financial independence.”  G. H.

“I want to say thank you.   I have been trading for a while, and your approach to the market makes so much sense  that I can not believe  it was always right in front of me.” Brian M.

“The trades I have done using CH method have been mostly successful.  A few losses, but they were small.  I am very pleased with the system and I love TS.  I love the articles.  Thanks for helping us.”
Marlayne S.

“I have had some great CH trades, most notably $14 per share profit on DDS which you first mentioned in September.”  Kerry M.

“Thought that I would just drop you a line to once again thank you for all you do with your crosshairs training.  Even though the market has been fairly turbulent as of late, the last month and a half has been the most peaceful trading experience that I have since I have been a trader and all of this is due to the training that you have provided.

I have to admit that when I first started trading the crosshairs method, I struggled (as to be expected when learning something new) to see what you were trying to show us, and my trades (and emotions) reflected the confusion that I was experiencing.  However I have stuck with it and as of late I feel that I am really beginning to see what you have been showing us all along.  Now I feel I am really starting to “hear what the market is telling me”.

While I do not know for sure what the market or particular stocks will do tomorrow or the next day or the next week, (none of us do and I think that was the biggest hurdle I had to overcome and accept because as you say “every trade is a risk”), I am now at least beginning to see what the highest probability for the next move will be.  Using this knowledge and applying my rules that I set before I ever get in a trade has really helped my in my trading career.  While in the last month and a half, I have had some winners and some losers, I now know I have the discipline to execute to my rules which makes every trade a successful one regardless if it went my way or not.

All of this has led to the most peaceful trading time in my short trade career because now I understand what I need to do no matter what the market does and this confidence is an unbelievable feeling and one I did not know I could ever achieve to as a trader.  I have quit sitting at my computer screen glued to a chart watching every tick because of my fear of losing money.

Once again I want to think you for all the training you have provided so far, (because I hate to think where I would be in my trading career without it), and for all the future training and knowledge that I hope to learn from you and other Crosshairs Traders.”

Gary H.

I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I have appreciated the past couple of months of Crosshairs Training. For the past couple of years I’ve been “taking” classes and listening to various teachers/instructors on trading the market. All these teachers did was teach what they thought the market was going to do or what it had done the week before. Mainly it lead to frustration. I have a small library of books that teach technical “junk” that I see now is not needed to clutter my life. Your teaching is very clear and easy to understand. I truly appreciate all the time and effort that you put into it.  -Carolyn S.

“I would like to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your seminar.  Your seminar and your process for choosing trades show how much time and effort you put into this process to get it right and I truly praise you for that.  Thank you for allowing others such as myself to take advantage of the market using such a good technique.”
– Miguel G.

“Your class and especially your webinars are great. It’s helped me refocus and be disciplined to wait.”
– D.C.

“This process is like learning to ride a bike when you’re young. It seems so daunting before you get the hang of it but after that first ride without someone holding you up you can’t understand what was so difficult!  As I’m going thru your process my amazement grows as to how much money I left on the table before! But the market will always be there.”
– Ray L.

“Thanks for allowing me to attend you seminar. You did an excellent job. The ebook is perfect. I sensed last night on the way home from your seminar that you will become a divine appointment for me and my wife.”
– Rich H.

“I just wanted to send a quick note to say “thanks” again for a great seminar.  I feel that I have a much better understanding of your methodology and I’m beginning to really “get it” about blocking out the noise and only looking at what the market is telling me.”
– Phillip T.

“The crosshairs newsletters are awesome! Keep’em coming!”
– Dean T.

“Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your support.  I am personally impressed by the way you show that you care for your students, and you show that by the guidance you share and by staying in the game with us as we learn.  You are constantly listening to feedback, developing new ideas, and putting things in your software to help us.  I believe you truly care about the welfare of your students, and I just wanted to say thanks again!”

– Rick N.

“I was a first time attendee @ your webinar 3-10-10. Thank you so much for letting me watch. The presentation was very powerful.”
– Ed W.

“This was my first time to participate in your webinar and what you said makes sense.”
– Earl S.

“Your webinars are really a big help and we greatly appreciate the time you put in to them.”
– Tracy T.

“Thanks again David for the training session. It was well worth the time and investment.  You did a great job of staying on topic and keeping everyone focused on the discipline of rules based trading.  I took a lot of great information away from this meeting but probably the most important thing was seeing Focus, Discipline and Patience put together in a trading strategy in a way that made sense.  You didn’t just give lip service to the idea of disciplined rules based trading you demonstrated how it is done.  For that, I can never thank you enough as I have been bogged down the past 2 years trying to put all the pieces together.”
– Dan P.

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