I have been trading the markets long enough to know that there are no trading secrets, only a focused discipline grounded in patience and self trust. If you are looking for me to reveal some trading secret that will help you get rich quick in the stock market you will be disappointed. If, however, you want to know how to become a better trader, then one or more of the following chapters may hold the key for your future success:
  1. Knowing What Will Happen Next
  2. Trading The Probabilities
  3. Patiently Waiting
  4. Same Plan Another Day
  5. The Master
  6. Singles and Doubles
  7. Focus

And what are readers saying?

“As you already know from reading me, the concepts you outline here are things I very much believe in as well. From trading the probabilities to developing a specialization, I think you’ve covered a lot of great material. I also love the analogies and quotes you provide to back up your views. Great job.”
Charles Kirk, The Kirk Report

“The new E book by The Cross Hairs Trader, “When10 Is Greater Than 90″ shows you a complex theory in simplified laymen’s terms. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a first time novice, this book will open your eyes to how complicated most trading systems can be. However, in this 40+ page book, The Cross Hairs Trader makes the simplicity come to life. This is a must read, whether you think you have tried all the systems or have never seen any systems. Go to war with The Cross Hairs Trader.”
Bryan A., Stock and Options Trader

“In this ebook, When 10 is Greater than 90, David Blair simplifies the process of successful trading. He teaches you how successful traders think and manage a trade. He formulates a game plan and has the discipline to patiently execute it. This ebook helps me to view the market from a different perspective, one that will help me be a more profitable trader. I highly recommend it!”
Shawn Hester, Golf Teaching Pro

“Best read I have had in a long time. Your book is to the point with its focus and simplicity. It is just what I would expect from someone who preaches these things on his site. I am looking forward to putting these principles to work in my trading.”
Denise M., Investor/Trader

Worth every penny and many, many more.”
Don L. Investor/Trader

I have followed David for years. The wisdom shared in this book does not surprise me.
Bill W.

I have read your e-book several times the past few days and with each reading I learn something new and beneficial.
Richard H.

This is just what I needed to help me get my mind right.
Jonathan K.


What is my goal in making this e-book available?

I would like for your small investment to provide you with immeasurable returns in life and in the market.

Have a great day, whether you enter the battlefield or not!

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