A NEW DECISION MAKING BOOK: “We assume that we know exactly what’s going on in our minds when we face and make decisions, despite the fact that many of our past decisions have led to disappointing outcomes.” (800CEOREAD)

ON FINDING A MENTOR:  “No matter how many books you read or how much time you spend researching on the web, mentors are still a crucial part of learning in any arena.” (ERIC BARKER via BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE)

A YOUNG STEVE JOBS ON FAILURE:  “You’ve got to act… and you’ve got to be willing to crash and burn.”  (FINANCE TRENDS MATTER)

WISDOM FROM GERALD LOEB: “The most important single factor in shaping security markets is public psychology.” (IVAN HOFF via IVANHOFF CAPITAL)

ALL INDICATORS FAIL…IT’S PART OF THE GAME:  “So our search for such an indicator continues. Stay tuned!” (MARK HULBERT via MARKETWATCH)

THE MARKET IS MANIPULATED:  “Small investors are piling into the stock market with an enthusiasm we haven’t seen in years. That’s never a good sign.” (SCOTT ADAMS via DILBERT)

WE SUCK AT PROBABILITIES:  “We prefer to think linearly, manufacturing a storyline, in effect, with a beginning, middle and end.”  (ABOVE THE MARKET)


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