INVESTING BOOKS THAT GO ABOVE AND BEYOND: “Investors, both novice and experienced, should be selective in their consumption of financial media, including finance and investing books.” (TADAS VISKANTA via MONEY & MARKETS)

ON BEING “WITH” THE MARKET: “Our hot streaks are simply periods when our method lines up with a supportive market, and cold streaks are when they clash.” (DEREK HERNQUIST)

DECISION MAKING PAIN:  “Most people react to pain badly.” (RAY DALIO via FARNAM STREET)

YES READING IS GOOD FOR YOU: “It’s no real surprise that science has discovered that reading is good for you.” (MICHAEL MARTIN via MARTIN KRONICLE)

FOOTBALL AND TRADING:  “You never know what you will get from a stock once you are in a trade, and your only defense against “seeing stars” is to make sure you have a pre-determined, objective risk level set.” (BRIAN LUND via MONEY SHOW)

LUCK, SKILL, AND FOOTBALL: “In football as in investing, luck matters a lot, but skill remains undervalued and underappreciated.” (ROBERT SEAWRIGHT via ABOVE THE MARKET)

ARE YOU AFRAID OF SUCCEEDING?: “I guess you can say that the fear of success is rooted in the anxiety of being on the wrong side of a trade.” (BABY PIPS)

ADDICTED TO TRADING?: “Do you trade to make money or is there some other purpose?” (RICHARD CHIGNELL via EMBRACE THE TREND)

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