“Habits — automatic loops of behavior, triggered by cues, nourished by rewards, driven by cravings — make up a large percentage of our behavior.” (DANIEL COYLE via THE TALENT CODE)

“I’m going to play a minor trick on you today because the subject of my talk is the art of stock picking as a subdivision of the art of worldly wisdom.”  (CHARLES MUNGER via THE BIG PICTURE)

“Millions of investors are probably born with the genetic predisposition to under diversify, trade too much, chase hot returns and bet on long shots.” (JASON ZWEIG via WSJ)

“More and more, psychological and neurological science is discovering that much of our decision-making is made at an unconscious and emotional level.” (NEUROSCIENCE NEWS)

“They say that everyone has one book in them: this is Josh Brown’s book.” (DAVIAN LETTER)

“There was a time I may not have accepted my limitations. Brash and single, the answer was to work harder. With a wife and kids, the answer has to be work smarter.” (DEREK HERNQUIST via MUSINGS OF A TAPE READER)

“Becoming a successful trader depends on a trader finding a tool that helps you spot repeatable patterns.” (TIMOTHY MORGE via MONEY SHOW)

“It is easy to look at others’ success and assume they possess some innate skill set unattainable by the outside world. Upon further examination the skill set possessed by those achieving greatness is always the same and can be boiled down to determination combined with an incredible work ethic.” (QUINT TATRO via TV 2.0)

“Ignoring the needs of our future self is one way we create problems for our present self.” (ALINA TUGEND via THE NEW YORK TIMES)

“We find no evidence that education is a significant moderator of genetic investment behavior.” (HENRIK CRONQVIST and STEPHAN SIEGAL via SSRN)

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