“Over the last decade I have concluded that most individuals approaching the stock market whether it be in a passive or active manner, will fail miserably and so will you. (QUINT TATRO via TICKERVILLE)

“Force yourself to view every individual choice as a commitment to all future choices.” (KELLY MCGONIGAL via DANIEL H. PINK)

“The most compelling, provocative, and thought-provoking psychology and philosophy books featured  this year.” (MARIA POPOVA via THE ATLANTIC)

“We can control our own behavior, preparedness, management and execution. For this, and not being right with magical powers of prophecy, separates the fleeting phenom from the enduring success.”  (PHIL PEARLMAN)

“The reality is, None of us are born in to the world we live in.” (MARK CUBAN via BLOG MAVERICK)

“The game of forecasting a year-end S&P target 12 months ahead of time is obviously ridiculous.” (JOSH BROWN via THE REFORMED BROKER)

“Breaking from our usual habits is difficult and often painful – requiring not just willpower and stamina but also the courage to take risks, to fail, and to pick ourselves up again..” (JOCELYN GLEI via 99%)

“Whenever I am asked where the economy is going, who is going to win that year’s elections or what the markets are going to do, I steal a trick from the weatherman: Always couch your forecasts in probabilities.” (BARRY RITHOLTZ via THE WASHINGTON POST)

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