“Well, there is a growing agreement, I think, and it’s been very clear in the talks today, that we don’t understand the world very well.” (DANIEL KAHNEMAN via THOUGHT LEADER FORUM)

“If you’ve found a way to trade multiple markets in a variety of ways all while managing risk and being profitable for several years, congratulations.” (DARREN MILLER via ATTITRADE)

“Bottom line, there is nothing wrong with forming a market opinion based on the information it gives us. The key is to wait for the market to confirm your opinion before getting aggressively involved.” (JOE FAHMY via THE NEXT BIG MOVE)

“Novice traders tend to get more concerned with being “right” when the fact of the matter is Money & Risk Management matters more.” (VADER CAPITAL)

“Trading is a never-ending repetition of mundane activities.” (PETER BRANDT via FACTOR)

“Just like in life, mistakes in trading are an inevitability.” (BCLUND)

“No evidence is found that trend-following technical trading rules can forecast the direction of the future price path of the DJIA and stocks listed in the DJIA.” (GERWIN GRIFFIOEN via  SOCIAL SCIENCE RESERACH NETWORK)

“Speculating in markets is a difficult challenge that can test your emotions more than you can imagine.” (SAM SEIDEN via MONEYSHOW)

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