“Investors must force themselves to study their mistakes, or they will never learn from them.” (WSJ)

“There’s a chasm between the proven, repetitive work that can be farmed out and the cutting edge risky work that might just change everything.” (SETH GODIN)

“No trader can eliminate losses, but every trader can choose how they respond following a losing trade. Doing so effectively can help them to quickly earn back that loss and then some.” (MONEY SHOW)

“Conventional wisdom seems to believe that “buying low, selling high” is some form of risk management.” (ASYMMETRIC INVESTMENT RETURNS)

“The single biggest mistake I see new traders make is believing in the principle of more is better.” (SMB)

“I start every day with a plan. Each morning I look at my to do list and ask myself  ’what will make this a successful day? Then I transfer the right tasks from my list onto my calendar and get to work.” (DANIEL PINK)

“In his decades of research, Kahneman has found a type of thought that’s proved to be particularly incompatible with the way we think: decision-making.” (NPR BOOKS)

“One of the old timers, let’s just call him Frank, saw my impatience early and used to say to me (language removed for family atmosphere) ‘Quint, you’re like a young bull on a ledge overlooking all the cows in the pasture. You turn to me and say “I really want to run down there and get one of those cows” I turn to you and say, “Quint, let’s walk down and get them all” – Frank was a master with words.” (QUINT TATRO)

“This sudden change of perspective in times of danger – perhaps it’s our survival instinct, a way we’ve developed to increase our chances of survival. Or perhaps, in times of stress and adversity, there really is hope and opportunity.” (FOCUS)

“Tuckett argues that the financial marketplace accentuates rather than mitigates the human potential for developing divided states of mind.” (READING THE MARKETS)

“Why not follow the ebb and flow of your life instead of fighting against it?”  (STEPCASE LIFEHACK)

“These days, there is a lot of hype surrounding automated trading systems.” (WINNERS EDGE TRADING)

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