“Research suggests that both a biological component and a psychological component of stress impair human performance and that it is useful to consider these two components separately.” (SYNERGISTIC TRADING)

“A new study by a Temple University Fox School of Business professor finds those who view their car as an extension of themselves have stronger aggressive driving tendencies.” (FOX SCHOOL OF BUSINESS)

“Meditation is not just about finding yourself. Scientific studies show the positive affects of meditation on the brain.” (INC)

“I’ve witnessed every single mistake an investor could make since I came into this game and I’ve made most of them myself.” (THE REFORMED BROKER)

“November maintains its status among the top performing months as fourth-quarter cash inflows from institutions drive November to lead the best consecutive three-month span November-January.” (STOCK TRADER’S ALMANAC)

“As a trader, I prefer a REAL bull market, not one that is manufactured.” (JOE FAHMY)

“There are so many important things to interpret; shame on me for letting useless info cloud the useful stuff.” (DEREK HERNQUIST)

“Traders are a skittish bunch. We can make the same trade 100 times, but the one time a left-field event occurs, it can spook us forever.” (THE STOCK BANDIT)

“Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel Prize-winning psychologist and the author of the new book “Thinking, Fast and Slow,” changed the way people think about thinking by asking them questions.” (THE FRONTAL CORTEX)

“As a guest curator for TEDxEast, Dan Ariely shares more of his research and thoughts on self-control and irrationality.” (FARNAM STREET)

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