Morning Cup of Joe Thinking

“You need to have the discipline to manage your risk in such a way that you avoid regret later. That doesn’t mean that you’ll capture every dollar of every move – it means you know that such expectations are unreasonable, and you manage your positions accordingly.” (KID DYNAMITE for TRB)

“I thought that I would take this opportunity to talk a little bit about why it is that I look at charts and why the technical approach is my go-to move when analyzing any security.” (JC PARETS for TRB)

“How easy does it become to “honor thy stop,” or otherwise take the correct and necessary action, when you see yourself as a master trader in the making, executing flawlessly on what will be one of your next thousand trades?” (MERCENARY TRADER)

“There is a direct correlation between traders who are consistent and traders who ride the roller coaster. That difference is preparation.” (RATIO TRADING)

“The psychology of NOT trading is even more difficult to learn than the psychology OF trading.” (SANG LUCCI)

“The larger lesson of the Gould-Morton affair is that bias is everywhere, that many of our studies are shot through with unconscious errors and subtle prejudices. To Paul Simon, we see what we want to see and disregard the rest.” (WSJ)

“You won’t find a how-to book here. There’s no surefire recipe for investment success. …Just a way to think that might help you make good decisions and, perhaps more important, avoid the pitfalls that ensnare so many.” (CXO ADVISORY)

“Comparing yourselves to others is a sure recipe for failure.” (MINIMALIST TRADER)

“You’d never see this type of cerebral interview on some other outlets were it seems the interviewer competes for airtime.” (VALUE PLAYS)

“At times like this it pays to be prudent. The market doesn’t provide high returns just because we need them. And as others get greedy, there’s nothing wrong with being a little fearful.” (GLOBAL MARKET UPDATE)

“Thinking we can consistently profit with just the direction and context is the height of arrogance, just as blindly buying some level without regard to trend is a recipe for loss.” (DEREK HERNQUIST)

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