“So, now, for the moment of truth, I present a set of principles that together form what I call The Seven Immutable Laws of Investing.” (GMO WHITE PAPER)

“I have made my net-bottom line profit from fewer than 10 percent of my trades.” (FACTOR)

“People wanted to show me their tax returns to show me how good they day traded. Get lost, punks. Some people make millions playing the violin also. Doesn’t mean the other six billion people on the planet should perform in Carnegie Hall.” (ALTUCHER CONFIDENTIAL)

“If you’re trading for emotional satisfaction, you’re bound to have lots of problems and continue to struggle, for two reasons.” (POPDOC)

“Defending your beliefs is good; exploring other points of view is also good. It’s the order in which you do it that’s important. Explore first, then draw your conclusions.” (PEN VS PAPER)

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