“Is never too late to be what you might have been”  George Eliot

“Regret for wasted time is more wasted time”.”  Mason Cooley

It’s Winter Time Somewhere (Great Pictures of Old Man Winter)

The Basics of Technical Analysis (Traders’ Library)

A Musician Has A Few Lessons For Us (How To Be Successful)

“There’s a million ways to skin a cat in the stock market.” (Your Trading Is All Wrong)

“If you’ve met many people who work on Wall Street, then you’ve probably noticed a trend: almost all of them come from colleges like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Penn.”  (Do You Have What It Takes to Make It on Wall Street?)

“Every market structure presents opportunities. You can’t just sit on your hands and pass them up. Let me illustrate the steps that I take to manage risk as a major move progresses using 4 current positions.” (Pulling Me In)

“Here are two scientifically-tested strategies that can spell the difference between another year of disappointment, and the significant, lasting changes you have been looking for.” (Getting Your Goals Back on Track)

“Here’s a brief story about why we all sometimes get distracted from the most important goals in our lives.” (How To Commit To A Goal)

“Of all the mental skills a trader can learn, mindfulness is perhaps the most important trading psychology skill.” (The Most Import Mental Sill For Traders)

“The truth is that too many trader wannabes discard valuable advice.” (This Means You)

“One of the most fascinating, and to me unnerving, results to come out of a lot of recent psychological research is just how much of our behavior is subject to unconscious influence.” (Unconscious Influences On Our Behavior)

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