I recently had the pleasure of interviewing David Gurwitz, the managing director and publisher of the Charles Nenner Research newsletter.  I have had the opportunity to interview both David and Charles Nenner here last summer and was pleased that Mr Gurwitz could take some time out of his busy schedule to grant me another interview which I conducted via phone last Tuesday, January 19.

In this interview Mr Gurwitz discusses the following:

How his love for music and the stock market has created a winning combination.

His relationship with Charles Nenner and how their successful partnership was formed.

How Charles Nenner’s cycle research can provide high probability trade opportunities.

How best to use Mr Nenner’s research newsletter.

Mr. Nenner’s latest forecast for the general market, oil, gold, bonds, currencies, etc.

David’s life “outside the charts” via his wonderful “Music With A Mission” and its connection with the Special Olympics.

And much, much more…

Check out the interview below, check out the Charles Nenner Research site, and  donate to the Special Olympics, an organization very close to David and the motivation behind his music.  You can do so by contacting Mr Gurwitz at  If you tell Mr Gurwitz you read the interview here he may provide you with a free trail to the Charles Nenner Research Newsletter.

David Gurwitz interview.


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Disclaimer: I am in no way paid or reimbursed by Mr Gurwitz and/or Charles Nenner Research for publishing this article.  This is for information and educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice.

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