This is one of the best articles about focus I have ever read. I wish I would have written it myself because now the best has been said about it.  Take 10 minutes to read it and see if it does not have the whole psychology of CROSSHAIRS TRADING succinctly summarized.  Excuse some of the grammatical errors and listen to the logic.

The Transaction Mentality: make sure you are adding up all the transactions correctly.  “Call it stodgy, call it boring, but discipline makes you richer.”

“Sticking to your strategy and system for any length of time is nearly impossible without having real confidence in its functionality’.”  Take about one minute to read this one

Some solid truths about the 10 mistakes traders make

Some weekend reading.  A PDF download of the ebook Psychology of Intelligence Analysis.  See how it applies to your trading. 

“It is ironic that many traders consider emotion to be their enemy, when in fact it is the boredom of quiet markets that they particularly dread.” Very well said.

Just when you thought the GREAT RECESSION was over: Maybe we should call the next leg of our economy a “contained depression.” 



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