50 MISTAKES    500 futures brokers give their opinions about what causes traders to consistently lose money. Here is a list of the top 50.  Any of these sound familiar?  They should… if you are honest with yourself.  I like number 49 which concludes: “They don’t have a good battle plan and the courage to stick to it”. 

COMMON MISTAKES  and a shorter list for those who do not make as many mistakes.

WHAT CHILD’S PLAY CAN TEACH US ABOUT SELF-CONTROL  Do you think we can learn something from “the ability of children to control their emotional and cognitive impulses”?

POKER  It is all about probability.

GOING THROUGH A SLUMP  Using pro golfer Steve Stricker as an example we can all find a reason and the will to come back after defeat.  The answer is within and it can make us stronger than ever before.

STUBBORN IS AS STUBBORN DOES  Are you stubborn when it comes to holding on to a loser?  What are you going to do about it?

CHOOSE YOUR OWN HOURS NOT THE MARKETS  Traders do not always have to have money in the market, quite the opposite would suffice. 

WHAT RHYMES WITH IRRATIONAL?  You may want to overlook the political overtures here and pay attention to the main point: irrationality gets you nowhere whether in or out of the markets.

RATIONAL IRRATIONALITY And you think only Wall Street is irrational?

THE REASON BEHIND A TRADER’S GREATEST LOSSES  and HOW TO FACE IT HEAD ON My favorite trading psychologist lets us know and boy can I relate.  It happens to the best of us.



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