Question: What kind of check can be cashed every day the market is open?

Answer: A reality check.



  1. My current success as a ________________ will allow me to be just as successful in the stock market.
  2. Because this trade has worked in the past it will work in the future.
  3. All traders trade the same way and have to see what I see.
  4. I have the secret to making money in the stock market.
  5. My system protects me from losses as long as I give my trades enough time to work.
  6. I will hold on to my winning trades until I squeeze the last penny of profit out of each of them.
  7. With the right tools and enough knowledge I can predict where the market is going.
  8. My goal is to make ____________ salary every month/week/day in the market.
  9. My past hard work will reap great future returns.
  10. CNBC, FOX, hot shot analysts, and so-called stock market geniuses in silk suits know where the market is going.



  1. Your previous success as a ___________________ can actually be harmful because the rules are different on Wall Street than on Main Street. There is no corporate ladder to climb, only a big hole to fill before you fall in it.
  2. Anything, and I mean anything, can happen in the market and often does!
  3. There is always a trader (or traders) doing the exact opposite of what you are doing.
  4. Crosshairs Trading is a way to make money in the stock market, not the way.
  5. You will always have losses, so prepare for them.
  6. You will always have winners, so prepare for them.
  7. With a few tools and a little common sense I can anticipate where the market is going.
  8. If you follow your rules you will make what the market is willing to give; otherwise, you will give the market what it wants to take. This is a commission based career.
  9. The market could care less about your hard work in the past if you do not focus on the present.
  10. Follow what you believe based on your own analysis because in the end the only person you can really trust is yourself.

When you compare the two would it not be much better to face reality head on than to fall into a trap and have to dig yourself out? 


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